White Spring Truffles

Information About White Spring Truffles

Latin name; Tuber Borchii

Other names; Tuber albidum, marzuolo, tartufo di pineta, truffe blanche, blanquette

Season; From early January through to mid/late March.


White Spring Truffles Bianchetti

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Whitish Truffles are typically smaller than the other Truffles we sell, generally around 5 – 20 grams per piece.

External Appearance

The exterior of Whitish Truffles varies from brownish white through to a light reddish brown colour. These Truffles should be firm to the touch, not too hard, but certainly not soft or spongy.

Internal Appearance

When cut in half, Whitish Truffles should demonstrate a clear white marbling with large white veins on a dark cream or fawn coloured background.

Aroma and Taste

Whitish Truffles have a medium to strong aroma, very reminiscent of garlic.


Whitish Truffles have a reasonable shelf life of up to around 2 weeks. They will lose a small proprotion of their body weight every day.