Register for Fresh Truffle Prices

this Christmas

Fresh Truffles are a luxury at any time of year but at Christmas they become extra special as there is always a limited supply of Winter Truffles. To ensure you are not disappointed please register your interest now by completing the form below.

As we ensure we only sell grade A high quality fresh truffles to our customers, White Truffles won’t be available for this Christmas. This is because due to Christmas day being on a Wednesday this year, the White Truffles would need to be hunted too far in advance of Christmas, therefore won’t be in a good condition by the time the Christmas Eve/Day arrives as they have a short shelf life. So we will be selling grade A high quality Black Winter Truffles this Christmas.

By registering your interest now you will receive the prices as soon as they are available and you will be able to go ahead and and place your order for Christmas delivery.

All our Fresh Truffles are dispatched via recorded delivery so it’s important you are at your chosen delivery address to take receipt of your order. We cannot take responsibility for any non-deliveries.

By completing this form, you are under NO OBLIGATION to place an order for fresh truffles. Orders for Fresh Truffles will be allocated to our customers in the order they have been received.

Please email or call 033 33 4455 5579 if you have any further queries.