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Dry Goods


Our dry goods are perfectly blended with the highest quality European black truffle. Our gourmet pasta range includes tagliatelle and Porcini strozzapreti which is handmade in San Ginesio by the local pasta makers at Terra Nostra who were one of the first suppliers we worked with. It’s made with 100% local durum wheat and water from a natural spring in the Sibillini Mountains where TruffleHunter was founded. Our delicious Porcini risotto is made with top quality Italian Carnaroli Rice, the finest dried Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) and our own in house developed Natural Risotto seasoning, this product is bursting with great flavours that will leave everyone wanting more. Our newest addition to our dry goods range is our perfect vegan-friendly snack, black truffle crisps. They are made with carefully selected locally grown English potatoes. The potatoes are thinly sliced and hand fried in small batches and sprinkled with TruffleHunter’s specially developed Black Truffle Powder to give them that true truffle flavour.