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Fresh Truffles


We sell the finest Fresh Truffles! TruffleHunter love sourcing the best gourmet, vegetarian, seasonal wild truffles, for customers who are as passionate about flavour as we are.Here at TruffleHunter we seek out white and black truffles from around the world, and bring you delicious fresh truffles you can enjoy right now. Once a year, each individual fresh truffle reaches its peak aroma and taste. That’s when it pairs perfectly with the best seasonal ingredients. Delicate, heady, earthy, rich: each variety brings a spectrum of intense and subtle flavours. Currently in season are Black Summer Truffles, these combine deliciously with wild mushroom pasta, or with lighter-flavoured roast game or chicken and a glass of silky Pinot Noir. If you love hearty and authentic regional dishes, this is a taste to explore. Suitable for anybody with a plant based diet, fresh truffles can really enhance vegetarian meals. A rich palate is combined with an earthy, nutty aroma – here’s where you really taste the woodland character of the truffle. Also worth knowing: Black Autumn Truffles stay fresh for longer, and will keep for up to two weeks when stored correctly. Bring out those satisfying, late-season flavours. Every fresh truffle has been individually checked before it’s sent out to you, carefully packed in an insulated box to ensure they arrive fresh and in optimum condition. However, it’s important to unwrap your truffles from their packaging as soon as they arrive. The truffles we deliver are so fresh, they may still have a fine covering of soil or sand from when they were first unearthed. Washing them under a cold tap for a few seconds, then drying them gently, won’t affect the truffle’s flavour. Once cleaned, wrap each truffle individually in a fresh sheet of kitchen paper towel. Place the wrapped truffles in a clean, airtight plastic or glass container – a flip-top jar with a tight seal works well. Change the paper towel every 24 hours and re-wrap the truffles. Put them back in their container and refrigerate, repeating the process until you are ready to use them.