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Black Truffle Ketchup (320g)


Product Description


Tomato Ketchup infused with Black Truffles (320g)

What is Black Truffle Ketchup?

Our Black Truffle Ketchup is made by blending TruffleHunter’s minced black truffle through a rich tomato ketchup made with sun ripened tomatoes and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

How should I use it?

It adds a little bit of luxury on just about anything.  Perfect with chips, sausage and mash and a full English breakfast.  It is our secret ingredient in cottage pie, spaghetti bolognaise and tomato soup.

What does it taste like?

It’s not too sweet or too sharp and almost buttery in texture.  The black truffle adds a nutty, savoury depth to the flavour.

Tomato, Spirit Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Black Truffles, Sugar, Salt, Spice and Herb Extract (contain Celery), Black Truffle Flavour, Spices

No Dairy – No Nuts/Seeds – Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

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