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Black Truffle Oil (Deli Bottle)


Product Description

Premium Black Truffle Oil (100ml)

Designed for use in gourmet kitchens, our Black Truffle Oil is made with the finest Black Truffles & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Expect complex earthy aromas with powerful Black Truffle flavours.

  • TruffleHunter’s own recipe – the finest truffle oils in the world
  • Each bottle contains Black Truffle shavings
  • Designed for use in gourmet kitchens.

Use primarily as a finishing oil to dress dishes just before serving. This product can also be used as a gourmet cooking oil – heat gently to avoid damaging the delicate truffle flavours. The uses truly are infinite, but we recommend initially trying with Risotto, Pasta or Pizza.

Black Truffles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Black Truffle flavour.

Gluten Free – No Dairy – No Nuts/Seeds – Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

Additional Information

Weight 260 g
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