Australian Winter Truffles – Tuber Melanosporum


Australian Winter Truffles

Australian Winter Truffles have a delicate flavour and aroma, with hints of earthiness, hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla.


Free Black Truffle Butter

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Product Description

Australian Winter Truffles – Tuber Melanosporum

Australian Winter Truffles are the same the variety as the highly prized, European Winter Truffle.

The Australian Winter Truffle season runs June through to August, allowing gourmands, chefs and passionate cooks access to the highest quality truffles during the European summer!

Widely known throughout world cuisine as ‘Perigord’ truffles, Tuber Melanosporum are the most revered black truffle variety in the world.  Our Australian truffles are cultivated by knowledgeable and passionate farmers in Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Their skill and craft produce some of the highest quality black winter truffles we have ever seen.

The exterior of these truffles are a deep black colour. The outside surface has a slightly rough finish, which should be quite firm to the touch, with just a hint of softness.

When sliced in half, Black Winter Truffles should demonstrate a clear white marbling on a mahogany brown to dark black background.

Our Black Winter Truffles have a rich, sensational aroma, with earthy flavours reminiscent of chocolate, vanilla, and garlic.

Quality, quality, quality… Our quality control is extremely rigorous because our reputation depends on it. Each truffle is individually checked to ensue it reaches you in optimum condition, which is why we confidently offer our money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality.

Our prices are highly competitive, and unlike other Truffle companies, if you order from us we round weights up, not down, so you will always get a better deal!

Fresh Truffle Information

PLEASE NOTE; All fresh truffle orders are shipped in specialist refrigerated package, designed to ensure that Truffles arrive in optimal condition.

Fresh Truffles are highly perishable, please refrigerate on receipt, full details of how to store your Truffles will be sent with the shipment.

Speed = Freshness guaranteed

Once found our Truffles are transported by air the same day or next day latest, to our UK Fresh Truffle distribution center in the Cotswold. Here they are carefully washed, graded and dispatched to clients across the world.

In fact we supply many Michelin Star chefs and restaurants. If our truffles were not arriving fresh we would soon know about it!

Our truffles are always shipped using specialised refrigerated cold packaging by an express signed for courier service.

For more information on how to care about your fresh truffles such as how to store, clean, keep fresh and other useful tips, please visit our Truffle Care Guide

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