White Winter Truffles, Tuber magnatum (Grade A)


White Truffles are the most expensive and highest quality in the world. These White Winter Truffles are from where some of the finest white truffles grow.  Light brown in colour with a specific and intense scent.


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Product Description

White Winter Truffles, Tuber magnatum 

White Truffles have a very short season which will vary from year to year. Typically they can be found from October/November through to the end of December/ beginning of January depending on the climate conditions in the region

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour

With a light brown smooth skin, ochre in colour, non-uniform in shape the flesh of these truffles  is pale cream or light brown with white marbling.   These prized truffles have a distinct,  intense aroma, a strong taste that is outstanding.

How to use Fresh Truffles

Best enjoyed when finely sliced or shaved over a dish of pasta, risotto or a dish of your choice, they transform recipes into something truly outstanding.

For a starter we recommend you allow approximately 5 grams of White Truffles per person. Please allow approximately 10 grams per person for a main course.

How to care for your Fresh Truffles

White Truffles, Tuber magnatum, are perishable but will last for 5-7 days if stored correctly and according to the care instructions enclosed with your delivery.

All our Fresh Truffle orders are shipped in specialist refrigerated packaging and delivered by recorded delivery which requires a signature upon receipt. Please ensure you are available to take receipt of your order. As soon as your Fresh Truffles arrive, unwrap them carefully from their packaging and follow the care instructions enclosed with your order.

*Please note: The Magnatum White Winter Truffles are not washed but brushed, this means they may still have a small amount of dirt on the truffles. Opting for brushing over washing ensures a longer life on the truffles.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Every Fresh Truffle is individually checked and graded to ensure it reaches you in optimum condition. If you have any concerns about the quality of your Fresh Truffles, please contact us immediately on info@trufflehunter.co.uk or telephone 033 3344 5579.  We offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Fresh Truffles.

For more information on how to care about your fresh truffles such as how to store, clean, keep fresh and other useful tips, please visit our Truffle Care Guide

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