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Black Truffle Mustard (180g)
Mustard and sausages
Black Truffle Mustard (180g)

Black Truffle Mustard (180g)

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What is Black Truffle Mustard ?

Black Truffle Mustard is made with a mild French Dijon mustard, infused with TruffleHunter minced Black Summer Truffle.

How should I use it?

It’s best served with meat, sausages, burgers and pork pies. If you are creative use it in a salad dressing, a honey/mustard glaze or finish a cream sauce for fish pies and baked salmon.

What does it taste it like?

A mild and tangy Dijon mustard with a heady black truffle depth.

Black Truffles (5%), Water, Mustard Seed, Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Black Truffle Flavour, Salt, Acetic Acid.

Gluten Free – No Dairy – Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

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